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A/B Testing

A/B testing is simply a comparison done between two versions of web pages so as to analyse which webpage is more successful at converting visitors to customers. This experiment is conducted simultaneously to get real time results between the pages that are being compared. In A/B testing, you can compare not just web pages but also different elements of the web pages specifically, such as headers, banners, call-to-action tags, etc. Analysing this gives a better insight into the elements or page layout which works better for the business.
A/B testing has several benefits such as:

  • Provides answers to specific questions such as which element works better, which element has to be eliminated, which layout is best for optimization, etc.
  • Gives analytic and scientific data that helps drive better decisions which lead to better websites which in turn leads to better business sales online.
  • Ability to analyse the impact of the changes that have been implemented, which helps make informed decisions regarding whether to continue with the changes or to modify them further.
  • Engagement of visitors can be monitored or analysed to give a more insightful picture of their preferences.
  • Helps in continual improvement of user experiences.

Our A/B testing team has the experience and expertise to conduct a systematic testing of your website. This will give you the hard data to understand the rate at which your visitors are being converted to customers. Based on this data, you could either improve your website user experience or change it entirely to meet your business goals.
This is how our team works to give you the best A/B testing results:

  • We first understand your business and website by doing in-depth research to understand your business products, services, solutions, and goals.
  • We then understand the existing pattern of engagement of visitors on your webpage.
  • We then devise the test strategy that will be best suited for the specific webpage.
  • We execute the test and monitor the results.
  • Based on the test results, we are able to understand which web page or element works well. These are then benchmarked and then the targeted experiment is conducted.

Our team consists of optimization and digital analytics experts who will classify the pages that have the best potential, configure the necessary tools and place tags where appropriate, create and host content as necessary, run all the necessary experiments and monitor result. What you get is a full A/B testing experience that gives you all the data you need to drive your web pages higher!

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