Dedicated Resource Plans

Dedicated Resource Plans

item Half Dedicated Resource Full Dedicated Resource
Man Hours/Day 4 Hours 8 Hours
Working Days in Week 5 5
Costing/Month 850 USD 1499 USD
Hire Now Hire Now
  • They work as per your working plans and send you daily reporting of the work done.
  • They will work on a daily basis of 5days a week and 8 hours per day.
  • The person can work on your SEO project only
  • We ensure 40 hrs of work per week totaling
  • Person will directly interact with you on email, Chat

Push your Business to the 1st page in the Google Ranking

For the smooth functioning of a business, it is always better to give it complete nourishment in the form of Good SEO service. Selecting a SEO should be the most important step for your organization to get the expected outcomes from the search engines. As it is a cost-effective way for the offshore organizations to bring a huge traffic on their sites. This is a best way for those who need SEO expert advice for optimization and promotion of their websites. Here you can hire SEO professionals for proper management and take their expert advice for the development of the business. This hiring will work for as per your need and strategies, within your guide and instructions. For full time SEO support, you can get advice of SEO experts at; also we are full time available in the service of the clients through Skype, Email and mobile phone.

What is the need of hiring dedicated SEO?

  • To improve the position of the website in the Page ranking
  • For complete scrutinizing of the website
  • Smooth functioning of the business
  • To get better visibility through technical aid
  • Making a stable position in the search engines
  • Lastly, practically it removes all the myths and conceptions.

Can a SEO be able to satisfy my entire websites requirement?

The answer to this query is yes.A SEO professional is a person who solely works for the profit of its client’s company. It is a person who is always there to answer all your queries.Being an expert of Online marketing, a SEO proficient, keep an eye on the rivals of your company and always ready to give them a strong answer with its advance techniques. It is the job responsibility of a SEO professional to analyze the websites thoroughly and work accordingly to enhance the position of the site. An SEO expert is responsible for the overall development of your website through various techniques like link building, content writing, on page optimization, article and blog submission, they handle each and every project very finely.

What is the duration of the SEO services?

First of all it should be clear in your mind that, it is an additional service which you can opt to enhance the visibility of your site in the search engines.So, it depends on you for how long, you want to take these services.

  • A SEO company works on various packages offered by them.
  • As per client’s choice, SEO Company works as per the scheduled working plans.
  • Accordingly, it sends daily reporting details to the clients.
  • They work daily for the client’s website.
  • At NetKing technologies, we work for 40 hours per week, ensuring guaranteed work per month.
  • All the work is done by efficient and highly skilled SEO professionals.
  • The task is completed on the target basis; each employee takes it task as a challenge.

What we Guarantee?

We guarantee total satisfaction of the clients and for this our SEO experts work with their years of experience. We give priority to the work and our only aim is to make your site ranking at the top in search engines through analyzing the keywords and using other internet tools.

Can a single SEO expert handle all the aspects?

No, it is a team work, single SEO expert can just only perform its duty and rest of the work is done by the other members of SEO team. At NetKing technologies, we have different professionals for each of the SEO aspect and for hassle free work they are assigning different types of works according to their skills and experience. While taking any SEO service through us,be sure with our credibility and quality of work as we work on your project with just only one aim that is success.

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