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SEO for Etsy Sellers

Being an e-commerce website we have already marked our strong presence among users. The ease of starting your own shop on Etsy has made it more adaptable and hence popular. If you’re a seller in Etsy you do need SEO services to optimize your stores to earn better sales rate and reach among the audiences. And that’s what we are going to help you with an efficient and professional way!


We review, analyze and optimize your entire Etsy shop that includes:

Market Analysis & Research

  • o ensure best results, we thoroughly review your Etsy shop, including all the listings. We analyze your competitors selling similar items.
  • After understanding your market and target audience, we conduct detailed, products specific keywords research to determine what buyers are searching for in Etsy.

Etsy Listings Optimization

  • We ensure your Etsy shop comes up in the search results by optimizing the titles, tags and descriptions of all listings with relevant keywords that buyers are searching for.

Etsy Promotion on Social Media

  • We improve your Etsy shop’s visibility on social media sites with multiple posts on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Google+. Our team takes time to craft powerful posts that remain true to your brand while it appeals to your audience and ultimately enhance your shop’s visibility.

Etsy Promoted Listings

  • We are experts at managing Etsy Promoted Listings campaign. We take brand advertising to the next level with Promoted Listings that raise awareness of your shop, increase views, favorites, clicks and revenue.

Shop Announcement, Title & Section Optimization

  • We build emotional connection with your potential customers by writing keywords enriched, creative content for your shop announcement with a strong call to action.
  • We use clear and concise keywords in your shop sections to help increase your SEO rankings. Your shop title is the first thing that Google reads on your Etsy shop’s page. We make your title keyword enriched that engages your potential customers and induces them to click the Google listings.

How can we be of help to you?

With the usage of a technical expertise team, we will help you out with a skilled Etsy Seo Service to boost your ranking and visibility online. To increase the visibility of your Etsy store our SEO team will analyze your main shop page thoroughly to apply marketing strategies. After studying your product we will gather information about the similar products sold by your competitors to understand the market and your target audiences in a better way. Later on, we will look into what your targeted set of audiences are looking into and will search out better keywords to earn more reach. By optimizing the title, tag and description of your respected product we will make sure that it will come up in the Etsy shop search results and yes on the top!


What other things do we focus on?

Being your Etsy Seo consultant, we will focus on building an emotional attachment with your pool of customers by using creative and more attractive announcement strategies for your product. A keyword enriched title will earn your product and shop a high ranking. As a part of our Etsy Seo Services, we will promote your shop and product on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram etc. to gain additional customers. Our team will take care of crafting attractive and powerful posts to circulate your product in such a platform among a huge audience. This will in return earn good traffic more engagements in the shop. Using all the above said strategic marketing approach and more, we provide you a very efficient and beneficial Etsy Seo Service to optimize your product and shop online and to thereby boosting your rankings, traffics and sales online!


What You Get

Keywards Research: Handpicked carefully selected keywords using qualified tools specializing in Amazon keywords searches Googlesearch

Etsy Product Tags: Tags written within specified length to optimize search results for the product.

Etsy Product Description: Engaging and accurate descriptions optimized with targeted keywords – we write each product description with an engaging story and all features elaborated in detail.

Etsy Shop Optimization*: Every section of your shop is optimized with keywords and compelling text including: About Page, Announcements, Banner, FAQs, Shop, Policies * Only with 20 listings or above

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