FaceBook Marketing Services

FaceBook Marketing Services

It’s Your Life, Going Viral

Just for a moment, set aside the gargantuan logistics and the sheer conclusiveness of the numbers; stop thinking about granular analytics; forget about interactivity, plug-ins, apps and API’s and tell us this:

If you knew:

  • Where a significant chunk of your audience was spending its time,
  • How they wanted to interact with you,
  • How you could integrate them in your product development cycle, and
  • How you could tap into real-time feedback for effective modification, why would you stay away?

FaceBook Marketing Plans

Our Standard FaceBook Marketing packages
Basic $399/M Compare Plans
Silver $599/M Compare Plans
Gold $799/M Compare Plans

Facebook by the Numbers

  • 800 Million Users; 500 Million Active
  • 250 Million Pictures Uploaded, Every Day
  • 3 Million Active Fan Pages
  • 4. Over 1 million Websites With Facebook Integration

Facebook gives you the unprecedented opportunity to add meaning to your point of purchase, whether you’re online, offline or both. With the conversations we help you foster, you still end up driving higher traffic and sales, but with a deeply human touch.

It’s a Long-Term Commitment

Building relationships takes time. A lot of time. You need to be present, you need to engage, you need to listen and you need to respond.And once you’re done listening, you need to assess and tweak your strategies to accommodate the needs of your clientele.

Our process, to help you get established on Facebook,includes profile creation, sourcing content, updated posts and detailed reporting.We also monitor and participate in your conversations and help you listen closely to what your audience is saying about you.

To know more, please email us at sales@netkingtechnologies.com or give us a call at +91 9971900416.

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