Google has Expanded the Text Ads Deadline to 31st January, 2017!

Google has Expanded the Text Ads Deadline to 31st January, 2017!

Text Ads

Google has issued a set of practices of dos and don’ts for the testing of expanding text ads.

All the advertisers scrambling on how to optimize the expanded text ads will be relieved and happy to know that google has extended the expanded text ads transition period. As announced in July, Google is now going to continue to accept the traditional text ads with effect from 31st January, 2017. After 31st January the existing text ads will be running with the expanded text ads, and the advertisers will not be able to create or edit the standard ads.

With this announcement, Google has also issued some of the best suggested practices for the testing of the expanded texts-

  • Advertisers should test the multiple versions of the expanded text ads to observe a better performance.
  • As head lines are an important element of ads, you should concentrate on testing these headlines.
  • Replicate the practices that work best in standard texts and implement them in the expanded texts. For instance, if pricing was successful in a standard text, then carry forward it to the expanded text ads as well.
  • In terms of brand name, consider having shorter headlines and you don’t need all the available characters for testing a shorter ad copy. This is useful where a lot of additional information is not required by the users.
  • Tailor your expanded text ads in accordance with the user preference and refrain from implementing the same expanded ad across all the ad groups.
  • Don’t ignore the specific attributes or benefits of your product which emerged out to be enticing in the past. Test all the specific benefits of your product to see what works the best in the new ad format.

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