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Recover From Google Penalty

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Recover From Google Penalty

Easy Way to Recover From Any Google Penalty

Achieving a high Google rank in search results is one of the most difficult tasks for the business who are working to improve their online presence. For easy and rapid results, business owners hire SEO professionals but, many SEOs and marketers use some illegal ways or black hat SEO methods to get the faster result.

But, the websites can be penalized by Google’s guidelines and it can easily detect all the wrong happenings and fine penalty over the websites. As per the research, above 400,000 manual operations are being initiated every month by Google.

So, if your website also facing the issue of Google manual penalty removal then, here we are sharing some ways we help you to recover that:

Understand the difference between Manual Action and Algorithmic Penalty: It is good to find the cause but, before this, you should find out the difference between the two.


  • 1. Manual Actions: When a company and their website breaks Google’s Quality Guidelines then, they are awarded this by human reviewers.



  • 2. Algorithmic Penalties: This penalty may be observed in the drop of ranking.


Identify the Type of Penalty which has been Slapped on your Website: After knowing the difference between the two then, you need to determine what type of penalty who have been slapped and what your problem is.

The Solution for the Algorithmic Penalty: If you are imposed with an algorithmic penalty then, you need to look at Panda and Penguin updates. These are the most popular algorithmic updates:


  • 1. Panda: It is focused on content quality.



  • 2. Penguin: It is focused on anchor text distribution and backlinks.


Without an SEO expert or company, it won’t be possible for you to achieve this. So, you can hire NetKing Technologies to get rid of these penalties by Google. As well as, you can clear your queries over a call and email. The number and email address are already provided on the website.

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