There is Even More of Google Ranking and Algorithm Update Chatter!

There is Even More of Google Ranking and Algorithm Update Chatter!

Google Algo Update

On Friday 2nd September, 2017, there came a report on the Google algorithm update, which was seen by the majority of web masters and SEOs out there. Now there has been a more buzz and chatter, but it is not clear that it is related to the 2nd September update or it is related to some other matter. If a guess was to be made, then we would say that this new buzz is related to whatever Google did on the 2nd September.

Really, Google did not comment on the previous 2nd September update but they have already announced that whatever it was, it is surely not Penguin. And over the night, we have been seeing so much chatter on twitter, web master world as well as black hat world and innumerable direct messages and emails related to the potential Google update, all within 12 hours. It is suspected that it is all in relation to the 9/2 update, but we are not sure yet!

Below are mentioned some of the quotes from the thread taken from the various social media in the past 12 hours-

“I still see the fluctuations in the rankings”

“I am thinking that this is Penguin 4. This is so much similar to the last refresh made.”

But if asked personally, we do not think that this is anything to do with the previous Penguin, it would be so much nosier if it was. Google has not commented on this update or the earlier update. We will immediately let you know if we hear anything from Google.

Right now, all the tracking tools of Google are showing the most consistent levels, but it might be very early for Google to pick up on this update?

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