Twitter Marketing Services

Twitter Marketing Services

Change the World in 140 Characters

Since the advent of Twitter, If there’s been an easier and more efficient way for an organization to connect with brand advocates and influencers, we certainly haven’t found it.

Your reasons for getting on Twitter could be as diverse as your audience segments.Businesses most likely to turn to Twitter are on the lookout for high-quality leads,increased awareness of their product offerings, and establishing a new platform for their customer services.

But, there’s a lot more to Twitter than a corporate persona. It’s a platform that lets you, singularly, develop relatable content, establish a genuine voice,and make your responses more timely and relevant. On Twitter,you can step back and listen to the conversations without the distraction of unruly ads getting in the way.

Twitter Marketing: An all-access real-time information network, waiting to happen.

Twitter Marketing Plans

Our Standard Twitter Marketing packages
Basic $250/M Compare Plans
Silver $350/M Compare Plans
Gold $450/M Compare Plans

Our Services

Because active social monitoring is an extensive process requiring a significant time investment,we manage that process for you. Whether you’re just beginning to take flight,have a nest of your own or don’t even know how to start using Twitter, Techmagnate meets you where you are.

We have in-house Social Media marketers who begin with a thorough understanding of your organization and goals.We help you optimize your content, keep you visible and engage your audience in conversations.

Our services include:

  • Profile Creation
  • Background and Profile Image Creation
  • Regular Status Updates
  • Facilitating User Engagement
  • Analytics Reporting

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